Understanding the Definition of an Electrical Contractor

An Electrical Contractor is essentially a company or professional individual that does specialized construction work relating to the electrical construction, installation, maintenance, and design of electrical systems and appliances. The term ‘Electrical Contractor’ can be a confusing term because it can have a very broad range of meaning. A few examples of common terms include but are not limited to, the following;

‘General Contractor’. This term can be used to describe an individual that works on all types of construction. General contractors can include electrical contractors, electricians, plumbers, or any other professional who can work on a large scale. Examples of general contractors are contractors that work in building homes, apartments, apartment complexes, or any other commercial or residential structure. Check Electrical Contractor.

Commercial Contractor’. This term can refer to an individual that works for a contractor that works for a larger corporation. The larger the corporation, the larger the contractor will be. Examples of commercial contractors include building managers, construction managers, or any other commercial building management professional that deals with the design and installation of businesses. Additionally, this type of contractor may also work for small business owners who need help designing and installing their businesses and property. In this case, the contractor would work with the owner to come up with a project plan and the entire contract between the two parties.

‘Residential Contractor’. This term can be used to describe an individual who works for a business or residential individual. This type of contractor works directly with people who want to change their residential property or add new areas to their property. For example, this type of contractor could be a homeowner or an apartment complex manager that has the plan or contract for installing a new hot water heater. In this case, the homeowner and the builder would work together to come up with a plan, including the amount of money that the homeowner needs to pay the builder, as well as the amount that the owner needs to pay the contractor, before they enter into a contract. The contractor would then take this money and use it to pay the builder for the materials. that the builder needs to build the heater.

‘Public Safety Contractor’. An Electrical Contractor can also be referred to as a public safety contractor because they can work in many different areas of the building process. Public safety contractors will be responsible for installing things such as new smoke detectors and fire alarms, security systems, or even new elevators, if needed.

As you can see, a contractor can be referred to a number of ways and each of these uses the same basic definition of the term ‘Electrician’. So don’t be too confused when it comes to choosing your next Electrician!