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Perth Skirting Boards Installation

Perth Skirting Boards Installation – What’s Needed

One of the things you might want to do if you’re thinking of doing some redecorating in your home is to add skirting boards if you don’t have them yet. As the Americans name them, flooring, or baseboards, are sheets of wood that are fixed to the wall right where it meets the floor. They are a kind of wood moulding, and in several different sizes, shapes and finishes they come in.

As part of your redecorating efforts, why do you mount skirting boards? There are several reasons that can cause you to put baseboards in your building, but the most common reasons include the fact that they can shield your walls, cover unsightly wires, and offer a distinct look and character to any room.Learn more about them at Perth Skirting Boards Installation.

As protection for your walls, Skirting Boards

Some types of furnishings need to stand against the wall, such as cabinets, shelves and armoires. The edges of these furniture pieces will scratch your walls, and if your walls have elaborate wallpaper or panelling, or if your walls are made of finely grained wood, this can be a problem.

The area on your wall that is not occupied by these pieces of furniture will disappear over time, causing your walls to have an irregular colour. When you plan to rearrange or redesign your furniture, both of these may be bothersome, and you can have to repaint your walls or replace your wallpaper.

However, if you have flooring, when you repair or rearrange your furniture, you can totally skip the need to repaint or repaper your walls. This is because the furniture is not going to have to lean full against the walls. A space between your furniture and the wall will create the baseboards.

Hide Unsightly Wires Skirting Boards

Nothing in a house appears more unsightly than wires hanging like vines and tendrils against the wall or snaking along the concrete, apart from dirt, dust and marks of disrepair. You should collect them and conceal them behind the baseboards instead of making the wiring of your home stick out this way.

You can fashion baseboards with room for wiring on your own, if you have the skill and patience for carpentry. You can also purchase baseboards that already have the wiring allotments you need.

Skirting Boards Offer a room character

Perhaps the most important function of baseboards, aside from the practical uses that baseboards have is to give every space a distinct character. Baseboards painted in a colour that contrasts with the colour of the walls may draw attention to the wall’s features, or maybe to the wall’s decorative images and hangings. There can also be intricate mouldings and carvings on baseboards that can serve as a decorative feature of the room.

There are many applications for skirting boards. They are not just decorative elements in a room; they protect the walls as well. Thus, if you do not have them yet you should consider adding flooring when you redecorate your building.

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