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All reputable companies should make it a top priority to ensure that their employees are aware of these arrangements and that they will receive quick first-aid in the event of an accident. CPR, injury prevention, how to control bleeding, treat wounds or burns, and manage someone who is unconscious, has had a seizure, or is in shock, what to do if someone is choking, poisoned, or has a broken bone or sprain, how to recognise the symptoms of common medical conditions such as stroke and heart attack, and how to properly record and resuscitate. Checkout First AID for more info. Having a large number of employees who are trained in first aid has a number of advantages, including: In the event of a serious disaster, a trained first-aider may be able to save the lives of individuals who are impacted by acting quickly, as they can arrive on the site much faster than the emergency services.


According to research, workplaces with first-aid trained personnel are safer overall and have less occurrences since all employees are more mindful of safety. Trained employees apply what they’ve learned in class to act safely, proactively supporting and encouraging others to do the same, reducing risks and preventing incidents.

Trained personnel may be able to help prevent further injury in the event of an occurrence. The more first-aid-trained employees you have, the more likely one of them will be on site in the event of an emergency. Trained first responders are already familiar with the company’s first-aid kit and how to use its contents, saving time in an emergency. They’re also more likely than untrained employees to know how to react and behave in an emergency because their training should have prepared them to handle it confidently and efficiently.

Training doesn’t have to take a long time; many courses can be completed in just a few hours. First-aid training companies can customise their courses to a specific workplace, taking into account the hazards that employees may face in their jobs so that they are well informed and can adjust their behaviour.

When picking a First Aid training provider, make sure they are certified by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and are qualified to provide the training (CIEH). It’s a good idea to receive all of your H&S, first aid, fire, and food safety training from the same organisation so that everything is tailored to their individual needs and the training provider is aware of your training’s and company’s objectives.

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