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You will need to see a chiropractor for sciatica at some stage in your life. Pressure, swelling, or tingling down the leg, weakness or trouble moving the leg, and a sudden shooting pain that makes it difficult to stand up are all symptoms of sciatica. While sciatica normally affects just one side of the lower body, the pain can be excruciating and debilitating. this website has some nice tips on this. Manual changes can be used in chiropractic procedures to correct a spinal misalignment and remove the blockage that is pinching the sciatic nerve. To relieve the muscle spasms and discomfort associated with sciatica, ultrasound, massage, and ice therapy can be used. These therapies do not include medicine or surgery, which is a plus.

Many people seek treatment from a chiropractor for nonspecific lower back pain that isn’t caused by the sciatic nerve. The most common form of treatment is spinal manipulation, which is a type of therapy that entails moving a joint just outside its normal range of motion. During this adjustment, you can hear a popping or cracking sound. It helps avoid chronic pain associated with immobility by reducing pain and increasing mobility. Every year, one of every four American adults suffers from lower back pain, prompting them to seek treatment from a chiropractor.

Nerves may become irritated, pinched, or inflamed if the spine is not correctly aligned. Vertebral subluxation is a disorder that may result in pain, sickness, and disease. Subluxation is treated by a chiropractor in order to remove nerve interference. To diagnose these spinal misalignments or subluxations, doctors usually use x-rays and a physical exam. Abnormal range of motion, discomfort and tenderness, and tissue changes are all recorded physical signs and symptoms. The affected spinal segments are treated with a High Velocity Low Amplitude (HVLA) thrust. A spinal decompression system is also used.

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