Workmens Comp Attorney: Do You Need One?

Workmens comp laws were enacted by the federal government and have been enforced by every state. These laws provide compensation for workers who have been injured at work. These workers include construction workers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and painters. In many states, including California, there are no laws pertaining to workers’ compensation if an employee has been injured on the property of an employer. If an employee is injured on a non-company-owned property, this too is not covered.Have a look at workmans comp attorneys for more info on this.

The long-term disability aspect is one of the more challenging aspects of a workmans comp case. An injured worker may be able to sue for medical expenses, but will often have to wait years before they receive any compensation. For the same reason, many workers do not seek long-term disability insurance when they first are injured. This can add years and decades onto their injury settlement. Workmens comp attorneys will often work to try to get injured workers to settle their cases for a smaller lump sum than the whole amount of their injuries.

It is the intention of workers comp attorneys to try to get the employers to settle the case for a smaller lump sum than their clients are entitled to. If the employer does not agree to this, the attorney will file a workers compensation claim with the court. If the case is successful, the worker will receive a large check that will be paid out of their own pocket.


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