Why Do You Need a Bond Clean?

End of term cleanings (also called bond clean) services are much more thorough than just your usual weekly, fortnightly or monthly clean. An end of term clean involves thoroughly getting every nook and cranny of your home shining clean. It’s important to get all over the house in and thoroughly clean every nook and cranny including built-in appliances (like your oven), storage units, fixtures & fittings and so on. Check Bond cleaning Melbourne.

It’s really easy to keep a bond clean, because it’s all done by specialist carpet cleaning technicians who have access to various types of cleaners and vacuum systems. There are different methods for bond cleaning, but they all generally involve using warm water, mild detergent-free products such as liquid waxes. You’ll generally need to remove any existing carpet or rug in order to carry out a complete bond clean, although you can also do this without damaging your existing carpet. You will be given a guide with the service to take the first few steps, including removing the top layer of dirt by hand, followed by using an upright vacuum cleaner or machine to clean down into the carpeting.

A bond clean usually includes a damp cloth dipped in cleaning solution. After this, the area should be thoroughly wiped using a cloth dipped in warm water to help loosen up any built up dirt. Any stubborn stains or spills should then be cleaned off with a damp cloth dipped in cleaning solution. If the stain or spill has been left for too long, then a professional carpet cleaning company will usually recommend calling in a carpet restoration expert.