What Are the Things To Do Before You Build A New Home

It can be an exciting and nerve racking experience to create your own house. Throughout the construction process, paying attention to detail will help streamline the process and increase your overall satisfaction with the house. When building your new home, here are few little things not to forget.

Ample High Performance Lighting – In high-use areas, be sure to instal ample, high-output, energy-efficient lighting. For kitchens and bathrooms, this law absolutely applies. Be sure to add multiple lights in the kitchen or bathroom to prevent shadows when adding recessed lighting. Everything will fit well with chandeliers, track lighting, fluorescent lights or under cabinet illumination. Only make sure that lots of them are built in high-use areas. Do you want to learn more? read this

Insulate Your Garage – Most builders just add insulation within the house’s interior walls facing the outside of the house. Generally, contractors should not insulate the garage’s exterior walls. Forget this tip, and in the summer your garage will be hotter and in the winter it will be colder. Before the drywall is mounted, have your contractor insulate the exterior facing walls of your garage. Better still, in order to save some money, do it yourself.

Under Eaves Electrical Outlets – If you plan to instal lights on your roof line during the holiday season, be sure to instal electrical outlets under the eaves to ease installing the lights. Also, make sure to add a switch near the front entrance to turn the lights on or off from inside your building. On a blustery winter day, when you are up on the ladder, you will be glad that you can only plug in the lights with minimal extension cords and flip the lights on or off with a click from inside your house. Speaking of holiday decorations, also add an outlet near your fireplace’s mantel.

Double Coaxial Connections in Wall Jacks – Make sure to run two coaxial cables through each wall jack where you may want a TIVO or DVR unit, considering the prevalence of high definition televisions and digital video recorders. This will allow you to record one show and simultaneously watch another. Forget, and after installing drywall, you would need to drop the second coaxial line later, which can be very difficult.