Water Damage Affects More Than Your Home

They usually imagine watermarks on floors and baseboards slick with mildew and water sediment when people think about water damage. It’s not the only thing to remember, while home loss is a serious part of coping with water damage. Almost everything in your house is at risk because water has a way to get anywhere. Businesses with water damage may come out and fix your house, but you are left with the brunt of the other damage. Check Plumbers Chattanooga TN.

In very little time, electronics can be completely damaged by water. When exposed to water for even a brief period of time, anything from your toaster to your mobile phone can be destroyed. Electrical devices such as blenders, toasters and microwave ovens should all be tested prior to use by an electrician. If your mobile phone has not been exposed to a lot of water, or if you have been able to save it, remove the battery immediately. Take a second to look at where your battery goes in the corner. With or without red lines, there should be a small white circle or square. Your phone has sustained a certain amount of water damage if this area is pink or red. Dry the phone gently after removing any protective cover or other attachments with a clean, comfortable towel. Place the phone in an uncooked rice bowl or bag and leave it for at least 12 hours. Rice can help to suck any residual moisture out. After letting it sit down, put the phone on the absorbent towel and check it for any signs of moisture every 4 hours or so. Overall, in order to allow the phone to dry properly and thoroughly, the entire process should take a minimum of 24 hours.

When it comes to water damage, computers are a serious concern. As with any piece of electrical equipment, the aim is to dry the machine full. Unscrew the machine housing case and fully detach it. If you think you won’t know how to put it back on be sure to make notes, but it’s typically just a case of unscrewing and lifting the anchor screws on the back. Gently dry what you can reach quickly, but do not touch any of the boards. Enable the exposed machine in a room with good ventilation to sit and dry naturally. Do not want to turn on your machine until you’re sure it’s absolutely dry. When you get it back up and running your hard drive on a flash drive or other portable computer automatically back up in case pieces are damaged but do not stop working immediately.