Types of Home Health Care Services

Home Health Care is a health care administered by a trained professional caregiver within the person’s household where the client or patient is residing, rather than care given in residential nursing homes or clinics. It differs somewhat from other forms of primary healthcare because the services are usually limited to the immediate family and the patient’s own living area. Homecare is also sometimes called domiciliary care, personal care or domiciliary home care. This type of health care also incorporates the elderly and their families, including adult daycare or respite care services, in addition to the home health aide. This arrangement has several distinct advantages and can help to maintain independence for those who may have difficulty remaining independent due to past medical conditions or disabilities.If you’re looking for more tips, Tulsa Home Care has it for you.

Some of the benefits of home health care include consistent, routine assistance that allows a patient to maintain dignity and self-esteem, as well as, the ability to maintain a functional level of health and gain further levels of assistance. There are many options and types of services available, depending on the needs of the client and the caregiver. This type of service can be extended to include nursing and other medical assistance. There is also financial assistance available to provide for the care giver. The financial assistance available to home healthcare aides is referred to as personal care assistance, which can be used to help defray some of the costs associated with providing the personal assistance to the client.

Other types of home health care services may include home medical support, which can include assistance with preventative medicine, such as controlling diabetes. This care can also involve emergency medical services and basic hospitalization. These services are typically only offered on an intermittent basis, such as when illness strikes. Long term care is another option that can be covered by some contracts. This can be for illness or long term conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease or advanced aging.


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