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Workers Compensation Benefits – What You Must Know

The principal benefit of workers compensation are payments for lost wages, medical care, physical rehabilitation, and, regrettably, in some instances, death benefits.

Lost wages are paid when you experience either temporary disability or permanent disability. In the even that you are permanently disabled, a workers comp benefits claim can give you a lump sum payment based on your expected life expectancy and current wages.By clicking here we get info about Workers Compensation Attorneys Southern California LLP

Most states, such as Florida, include provisions in the workmans compensation laws that allow injured employees to enter rehab programs. This benefits both employees and employers because those workers are able to re-enter the workforce soon after their rehab treatment, or even during.

For nearly every case, it is the workers compensation insurance carrier that will decide whether or not workers comp benefits will be paid to the employee. They will also approve any rehabilitation or lump sum payments.

Should the insurance carrier not approve the workmans compensation claim, the employee or flier has the right to appeal the decision before a workers compensation board or industrial commission.

You must file a workers compensation claim within one year from the time of the injury. The claim can be filed by either the employee or his or her family. The longer you wait to file a workers compensation claim, the more likely you will be suspected of fraud.

So it is important to file for workers compensation as soon as you can.

You must notify your employer or company of your injury within 30 days of the accident or becoming injured at work. This time period varies from state to state; however, most require a filing within 30 days. Should you fail to notify your employer then you may end up forfeiting your benefits and any claim to them. Keep in mind that notifying your employer is not the same as making an actual benefits claim, both are separate actions.

To give notification to an employer of a workers compensation injury, you need to let someone in a managerial position aware of the incident that caused your injury. You cannot just tell a co-worker. There may be some instances where you cannot tell your employer because you are in the hospital, so under that circumstance you may be excused should you miss the deadline, but it is not a guarantee.