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Why You Should Use Vehicle Wraps Consoles

Whether you’re driving in a busy metropolis or an empty highway, you’re often awash in a sea of static advertisements that can easily get lost in the mix. This is why auto wraps are the perfect testament to creative and effective advertising. Wraps are a valuable method of attracting business because they draw the eye away from the countless traditional paint jobs out there on the road. Learn more at Why You Should Use Vehicle Wraps | Did You Know Cars

There are several different methods to achieving the look you want if you decide to use auto wraps for your vehicle. Whether you’re an independent business, a large company, or just wish to convey a message, custom vehicle wraps and vehicle lettering will definitely yield a boost in visibility and exposure to your vehicle.

Vinyl Wraps

Custom vehicle wraps are generally made of a special vinyl material that adheres to the factory coat. They literally “wrap” around the vehicle in sections, using perforations where the windows are to maintain visibility. The advantages to auto wraps are that they’re removable, interchangeable and low maintenance when applied correctly. Over time and with advances in the manufacturing process, the adherence factor to the vehicle body has become less “aggressive” and allows more slideability. This is to decrease or prevent any possible damage to the paint when the wrap gets removed. Many companies choose to have fleet vehicle wraps for their business for consistent business branding.


When it comes to the cost of putting an advertising blanket around a vehicle, the size of the vehicle plays a large role. Vehicles as small as a golf cart to as large as a big rig trailer can be successfully encased in vinyl. Cost depends on a number of variables including the quality of the wrap, design features, and whole car verses partial wraps. Your experienced sign or body ship will quote you a price based on your needs.

Partial Wraps And Color Changing Wraps

One possibility to consider if you’re thinking about an individual vehicle wrap, fleet vehicle wraps or any type of mobile advertising: a partial wrap may work better for your budget and advertising vision. A graphic designer will talk to you about your goals and budget and give a custom solution or two for your to select from. For business owners, partial wraps have the potential to save a lot of money on mobile advertising while presenting the business in an equally professional way.

To give off a truly magnificent and modern vibe, vinyl wraps can be covered with a material that changes colors with varying temperature, or when viewed at different angles. The possibilities for the future of advertising with your vehicle are limitless, so see what a wrap designer can do for you.