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The plywood had the added advantage of stiffening the surrounding walls and ceiling, providing the glass mosaic tile with a strong foundation. I stopped the plywood above the shower pan at the built-in seat level 16 “because I was worried about water otherwise wicking up from the shower pan mortared through the plywood. Below sea level I installed 1/4” backerboard over the vinyl membrane of the shower pan and then applied hydraulic cement parging to straighten backerboard bulges caused by vinyl membrane folds and to carry the backerboard I with white alkaline resistant fibreglass mesh tape and thinset, I taped and mudded both plywood and backerboard joints. Of course, Thinset is not impervious to water. Then I added two thin coats of Mapei’s trowel-on waterproofing membrane system consisting of Mapelastic # 315 powder mixed with undiluted liquid Mapelastic # 315. The powder is reinforced with fibreglass fibres and the liquid is an acrid
“I mounted 1/2” backerboard over the waterproofed plywood and backerboard, and I again taped and mudded both joints, being careful to keep away from inside corners. I placed a 1/4 “closed cell polyurethane backer rod in the backerboard corner expansion joints, which is water resistant. I caulked with grey Latisil NS polyurethane flexible joint filler / sealant over the backer rod. Get the facts about Tile Installers Portland Oregon you can try this out.
I was ready to tile after this training. I was very concerned about the one-inch square mosaic pattern, trying to minimise glass cuts and match the width and height of the field. I purchased a pair of glass mosaic tile carbide nippers (available from stained glass supply stores or through the supplier of tiles) that cut the glass with a chiselling motion. The tiles can also be cut with a wet tile saw The glass behaved similarly to chiselling ice in a way-I could never be certain of an initial square cut, but the nippers performed very well with some practise. As it turned out, with the estimated 1/8 “to 1/16” spacing of the somewhat irregular tiles, the layout was reasonably easy to modify. Most of all, I tried using more than half a tile. It was better to cut the tiles a little more than it seemed appropriate, while cutting for layout.