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Skin Cancer Clinic – New Technology Meets Patients in a Multimodel Facility

The new Skin Cancer Clinic at Cancer Institute is a part of the Department of Health. The facility includes a technologically advanced skin cancer diagnostic testing center, a technologically advanced imaging system and a laboratory featuring a cutting-edge diagnostic tool for the rapid diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer. This new Cancer Institute cancer center is the only one of its kind. The goal of this facility is to enable cancer patients to understand their risks and prepare for a proactive lifestyle that can reduce the risk of skin cancer. In addition to these two core services, the center offers additional services designed to enhance quality of life and overall health for all patients. Our website provides info about Skin Cancer Clinic.
Today, Cancer Institute reported the successful opening of its new multimodal clinical trial, featuring the area’s first (and only) 3D whole body image system specifically designed to analyze the risk for malignant melanoma, non-melanoma skin cancer and other skin disorders. The new facility will offer a comprehensive range of services, including: prostate exams; minimally invasive prostate exams; bone marrow transplant recipients; lung and neck exams; nasolabial pleural interpleural estimator; cervical cancer screening; gynecologic evaluations and biopsies; mammography and clinical studies. In addition, the hospital is integrating the new technology with existing imaging technologies to provide even better care for its patients. At this point in time, the Hospital System is the only one of its size to boast this type of sophisticated technology integrated together with an outstanding patient care experience.
The cancer system has always been focused on improving quality of life and quality of service for its patients. Today’s addition to the hospital’s offering demonstrates its dedication to the community by integrating advanced medical oncology services with services that help people live healthier lives. By combining these key factors, the Clinic has taken the word “prevention” a little further and become a resource for both the public and the medical community as a tool for reducing melanoma cases. This proactive approach is a step in the right direction for a society that continues to confront the issue of excessive tanning.