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Boca Raton SEO & Web Design Company- An Info

What do you say by me requesting a potential customer for SEO Web Design?

I had just reviewed her website and noticed that the company that had previously designed it and had to say it had created a visually eye-catching website, but had made some fundamental mistakes to please her in their haste.

She had told me to continue from the outset after she came across one of my posts. But, it’s interesting how life works because, this in itself wouldn’t have motivated her to get in contact, but after around 6 years a buddy of hers who I had been doing some SEO research for had got in touch with her.Learn more by visiting Boca Raton SEO & Web Design Company

And of course they got to discuss life and work etc; and her friend recommended that she get in touch with me to cut a long story short.Now their disappointment was that for performance she would have had every element. Her business was in a relatively niche market , competition wasn’t that strong and yet her site was nowhere to be found on Google despite shelling out a large chunk of money to get her website professionally designed.

And what might possibly go wrong?

A Brief Context

In Internet Marketing there is an old saying that good designers make bad SEO experts. Why? For what? You might well inquire.

The reality is that in my online marketing journey over the last 10 years, most of the programmers I’ve worked with and encountered have sharpened their design skills on Xml, XHTML, Javascript and CSS.

Most of them have been at the forefront of the web design community leading the way of website design and development but the core question of the tale resides therein.

The internet marketing business is evolving at a furious rate. What used to be a ‘de facto’ norm is now old fashion and consigned to the Web advertisement bin ‘wheely.’

Given the relentless flow of fresh designs and inventions, a successful designer now inundated with back orders has no alternative but to concentrate on meeting the mysterious mind of customers.

He / she might have picked up any SEO tidbits on the road either in conference rooms or from beleaguered peers running from one project to the next, but very rarely can you come across a professional designer who recognizes and acknowledges the web design effect of SEO.

This is not meant to be a criticism nor is it meant to decry the design community’s genuine efforts at large, but merely to point out that serving two very demanding masters simultaneously is quite difficult.

There are sadly many who totally miss the point, tearing their proverbial hair out when faced with the low keyword ranking of their client’s despair and frustration.

The backdrop to this is that millions of ‘would-be’ entrepreneurs join the Internet juggernaut in search of financial freedom on a daily basis. Usually these aspiring businessmen and women are at their most vulnerable when starting out first.

Excited and eager to get started, they overlook the basic marketing principles and are often taken up in front of their imaginative eyes by smooth-talking salesmen who flash dollar signs.