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What You Ought to Know about Commercial and Residential Roofing

One of the most basic questions a contractor would definitely ask you before a roofing work deal is made is whether the work bid is for commercial roofing or residential roofing. But have you ever asked what separates one from the other exactly? Read ahead to learn the result… One of the most noticeable distinctions between commercial and residential roofing is that while they are essentially designed at the end of the day to have the same function, they are also intended to serve on various styles of roofs. In other words, the architectural frameworks of the roofs on which they are supposed to be designed differ dramatically. more info here

Take window siding, for example. Could you picture two windows with different styles having almost the same sidings? For roofing designs, the same is the case. Now we are both well conscious of the distinction between a standard housing building and a business building in architectural architecture. For several, it might be surprising to realize that the construction style of the roofs of such buildings varies rather from what the eyes encounter. The two separate types of roofing was designed to make the unique specifications of these building designs simpler.

In addition to the configuration of the roof framework, the height of the roof often plays a very important function. In most instances, it is found that while residential roofing needs only one or two on-the-job staff, commercial roofing requires a whole team to work together.

Another very relevant distinction between commercial and residential roofing is that, relative to commercial buildings, residential buildings usually appear to have less protrusions. For example, while most residential houses are supposed to have one protrusion for a single chimney, for all, commercial buildings have to consider estimates and lips, beginning with ventilation systems, smoke stacks, drains, roof openings, mechanical wiring, skylights, etc.