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Removing Calculus From Teeth

The Effects Of Dental Problems

Since dental problems are common, most people treat them as normal health problems. Studies indicate that an unhealthy, bacteria-filled mouth can cause a number of alarming health issues besides gum disease. Based on the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, four of every five American have some form of gum disease.

How does bacterial plaque contribute to other health disorders? It works the same way as other infections. Dental problems can be contagious. Researchers believe bacteria from the mouth travels to the rest of the body through the bloodstream. It alerts the immune system, both causing widespread inflammation.  Have a look at more info here

You may think dental problems only cause tooth loss, decaying teeth, bleeding gums and bad breath.
Gum problems not only damage your gum, mouth, teeth and jaw bone, but also increase the incidence of heart attacks or strokes, low birth-weight babies, and premature delivery of babies.

Studies show that gum infection victims encounter a higher risk of heart disease and stroke. Gum disease helps to breed bacteria. Thus, the degree of infection can increase the risk of heart disease. The bacteria can attack the heart if you have a heart valve problem.

Pregnant women with moderate-to-serious gum disease tend to experience premature delivery. Problems ranging from low birth-weight to birth defects also follow.

Studies also indicate gum disease is related to

1. diabetes

2. pancreatic cancer

3. rejection of artificial implant

You can easily identify dental problems. Check if you have plaque buildup on your teeth. You can recognize it by its texture. It is a soft, sticky and whitish-yellow layer which forms a coat at the gum line. You can remove plaque by practicing good oral hygiene. However, once plaque turns into tartar or calculus, you will need professional cleanings by your dentist or dental hygienist.

Do treat periodontal disease seriously. Ignorance can cause you to lose a tooth. You can prevent dental problems with good dental care and oral hygiene. You can’t deny the fact that gum disease does affect your looks and your ability to chew your food. But don’t overlook the fact that it can also aggravate other health problems and compromise your overall health.