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Finding the Right Real Estate Agent

If you are buying or selling a home, it really doesn’t matter. Chances are you don’t want to go alone and the wise thing to do may be to get a local professional real estate agent to help. Three vital components are brought to the table by real estate agents who know their stuff; 1) business awareness, 2) detailed understanding of the process and 3) aid with the paperwork. Checkout Rama 9 Condo for more info.

It may have some influence on who you hire as your real estate agent, depending on whether you buy a home or sell it. “Buyer” agents specialize in assisting buyers, while “Listing” agents concentrate more on the real estate sales aspect. They both need extensive knowledge of the real estate market and should be fluent in the process and documentation, but there are subtle differences. To travel further searching and screening properties, a buyer’s agent would be needed, whereas a listing agent will make better use of their time through marketing and advertisement.

Since it can take several months to buy and sell a home, you want to find an agent that will work with you in a way that offers the level of service you want. Personalities clash and you may want to find an agent with whom you “click”. You don’t want to be stuck with an agent who rubs you in the wrong way or doesn’t have the attention you’re looking for in detail. By taking the time to interview several agents, you avoid these kinds of errors. Visiting a large brokerage firm that has many agents working for them is a good place to start.

It’s not always the best thing to go with the most experienced because you can find great agents with the drive and knowledge to get the job done that have not been in the company for many years. You still want to check them out, but don’t worry if your agent hasn’t been in the industry for a long time. We’re all beginning somewhere.