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Prestige Transportation Las Vegas-Party Bus

Hire A Party Bus

A perfect option to hiring a limo is to book a party bus on a specific event. While it can cost a bit extra, the upside being that you can fit more people in to help break the price depending on the party bus you rent. It’s a fun time to beg to happen, including getting all your mates in one bus.Have a look at Prestige Transportation Las Vegas-Party Bus for more info on this.

However before contracting a party bus firm, there are a number of items you should remember. Although there are more than a few to select from our great community, there are still more than a few businessmen that worry more about how many corners they can cut to save on their bottom line. Look out for the following pitches from party bus businesses…

“We have a fully stocked bar.”

That’s awesome, but fully stocked with what? Would you just want to serve your guests that liquor with no name that’s less than decent quality and tastes more like thinner paint? What about the sweet, pleasant ice they have in the tub at the back of the bus? I’m not suggesting that the bar must be stocked with alcohol from the top shelf, but come on. Is it too much to wonder, that without gagging and getting glassy eyed, you should be able to drink it? With your party bus, you’re paying nice money and some of that money can help bring some reasonable (digestible) booze in the bar.

“Our package is all inclusive.”

Sure, once you go beyond your miles, that’s it. You don’t know that you just drove out of the kit limits because you’re getting paid every mile when you’re partying the night away! To see how many miles or how many hours are included with the party kit, consult with the party bus operator and what happens if you want the bus for longer or if you surpass the mileage?

“All our busses are fully equipped…see?”

Yes, they showed you the one bus was beautiful, but what about the majority of their fleet? Most firms can bring you their best bus and get you to sign on the dotted line and then give you a van searching for a Sunday school to pick you up. A bus and some alcohol do not create a party bus. Be sure that the true bus you’re planning to pay for is tested.