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Speeding – An Expensive Traffic Ticket

You have definitely earned at least one speeding ticket, unless you are a new driver or exceptionally conscientious. As such, you are aware that speeding tickets contribute to the evaluation of points on your licence. The fact that these points accumulate rapidly from speeding or committing some other form of moving infringement is less obvious; the end result of which, as in a suspended licence, may be severe.You may find more details about this at Missouri Traffic Tickets-Traffic Ticket Lawyer.

If you actually pay for a speeding ticket, you may forget to hope for a decent result because in doing so, in the eyes of the law, you confess to being guilty. There will be no better result other than the admission of guilt by the judge, and you will be held accountable for any fines and penalties the law imposes. These fines will, of course, differ depending on various factors, such as how fast you went, whether you were in a school or building area or not, and the amount of times you earned traffic tickets. In the State of Florida, the regular sanctions for speeding are as follows:

15 mph or less, or less

If this is what you have been stopped for, a fine of about $200 will be assessed and three ( 3) points will be assessed on your driver’s licence. These will stay on your three-year licence.

16 to 29 mph

This, too, will result in a fine that will increase to around $250, and the points you receive will increase to four (4) points against your licence.

from 30 mph to 49 mph

This breach has even more serious repercussions than the previous offences. You must not only pay the fine at 30 to 49 mph and have (4) points levied, but also, either you or an attorney you have retained needs a court appearance. Before your court date, you will not know how high the fine will be because, whether you are found guilty of the crime, it is imposed by the judge at the time of your date. It is important to remember that failure to appear in court can trigger the suspension of your licence.

50 mph or higher

Oh, baby! A significant issue is this traffic violation. For this breach, you must appear in court and a conviction will result in a fine of up to $ 1,000, and that is only the first time you’re convicted. A second conviction will warrant up to $2,500 in fines. Those are pretty tough punishments, but get a third arrest, and you can face up to $ 5,000 in fines. To make matters worse, this conviction will lead to a revocation of up to ten ( 10 ) years of a driver’s licence.

While neither of the first two crimes listed here warrant a court appearance, it is certainly advisable to plan a case or find a good attorney for traffic tickets to represent you. It might seem like just one more cost, but there are different variables to consider. The following are only a couple of these:

Time-time is a precious thing and as the saying goes, time once lost can never be recovered. If you want to defend yourself, you will find that you have to spend a lot of time carefully studying the law you have been convicted of breaking, as well as the circumstances surrounding your stop, such as time of day, weather conditions, road conditions, etc. Furthermore, you will have to focus on planning an effective protection. That implies that you will have to be completely prepared to go to court and show proof while maintaining the court’s professional temperament. The odds are high that for an extended period of time you may be in custody.

Money-like I said, it can seem at first that hiring an attorney is just one more extra cost, but consider the other choices available to you. Yeah, you will be eligible to go to the traffic school, but you will have to pay the fine, the court costs, and the traffic school itself. These costs easily add up. Let’s not forget the rise of auto insurance, and sometimes even life insurance, which can happen if you get points on your licence. To insurance providers, those points are a good indication that you pose a higher risk. Of course, when setting premiums, insurance firms analyse risk potential. When you add these changes to the fine and legal fees you will have to pay if you only accept the traffic ticket without fighting it, it can get very costly very quickly.

These very same factors make it incredibly difficult to be cautious about watching the road and keeping an eye on your speedometer at the same time-road congestion, construction, bicyclists, pedestrians, blinding glare from the sun, or the somberness from sudden rain storms.