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Meetings, whether in a small group or with several hundred people, can be much more effective if everyone has the availability of a meeting app to share notes and events. If you’re looking for a way to organize your meetings and make them a bit more personal, consider downloading one that will allow your guests to upload their photos to the app, as well. This will allow everyone to have a chance to see who was at the event before they leave, and it can help to create an easier timeline of the entire event. Click here on Meeting app

A lot of businesses, groups, and organizations that use web conferencing tend to stick to a single application like Microsoft Office or Google Docs, which limits the ability of their attendees to get involved in the conversation. There are several free options available on the market, including Jitsi, GoogleTalk, and Yahoo Messenger, but these programs don’t provide many features that can be found in a hosted Hangouts meeting app. In fact, there are some features that are even found in apps that charge a fee. For example, Jitsi has a group video conferencing feature that is actually integrated into its free version, while Yahoo Messenger offers limited audio conferencing capabilities.

With the ability to video call your guests or just have them join the meeting, your clients, prospects, or colleagues will appreciate being able to stay in contact while they are in person. Even if they are unable to attend the actual meeting, they can still view your online video calls, which can be highly valuable for those who want to reach out to businesses and potential clients face to face. If you don’t want to have your meeting recorded, however, you should take a look at some of the paid videoconferencing apps, which allow your participants to view your online video calls as they would normally. The only requirement is that they have access to a computer with internet access, so even if your participants all have smartphones, they can still participate.