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Benefits Of Couples Massage Therapy

Massage has so many health benefits, and couple massage therapy adds additional benefits for you and your partner. The world’s crazy pace has taken on its toll on our health, and our relationships. Taking time to massage one another is a great way to slow down, get more in tune with your partner and reconnect in a very deep way.You may want to check out Columbus couples massage for more.

Stress adversely affects our health, this fact is argued by few today. Some of the first symptoms people realise include increases in: blood pressure , body tension, GI distress, headaches and mood swings due to increased stress levels. Relationships certainly also suffer from increased stress levels, by lowering our patience level and negatively affecting our communication patterns. By engaging our partners in some relaxing activities that are not only mindful but also helpful in positively affecting the nervous system directly, we are gaining more control over our overall life stress. Using Couples Massage Therapy to connect with our partner can be a very effective way of reducing the release of stress hormones, and increasing some of the positive hormones in our bodies.

I like to share something funny about stress in our cushy lives in the USA in our Couples Massage Therapy Classes. Most of us aren’t often endangered by survival issues … like being chased by a bear, for example. HOWEVER, our bodies react with the same hormones when we have an impending deadline, or our boss reproaches us. Our bodies have no idea the difference! We are still going into a fight or flight mode which means adrenaline and increased blood flow to our limbs to flee (run or climb as fast as we can) or fight the impending predator. Often our bodies will over-secrete stress hormones in a state of chronic elevated stress, and begin to have problems of chronic muscle pain or headaches.

You can experience many benefits of Couple Massage Therapy here! It might not be practical for you to take the time or resources to have a good massage a couple days a week … but it might be perfectly appropriate for you and your wife to turn off the TV, or take the time off of those normal things at home to give each other a weekly massage!

Since 2000, the input we have got from our participants in the Couples Massage Class also involves the idea that even the massage giver felt more comfortable afterwards. That’s awesome! You don’t even have to be the one to get the treatment, to reap benefits from decreasing tension! During a massage with your wife the explanation for this may be due to many facets of the relationship. Typically the mind is more active than normal when you are offering a massage. Studies have demonstrated positive improvements in the chemistry of the blood, respiration and stress factors in the body following a time of sleep or concentration. Giving a massage may be an incredibly attentive activity. You pay attention to how you shift your body, how the body of your partner looks, and observe your partner for guidance. During a massage, a whole bunch of non-verbal contact occurs! Usually, the massage-giver may often relax their breathing and gradually pause their breathing while they concentrate on the job at hand. This has a direct connexion to biofeedback, with increasing heart rate and reducing total body stress. Who thought it might be so helpful to offer a massage?

We’ve not yet started discussing the rewards of the individual Getting the treatment! The health benefits of receiving massage range from helping to circulate, reducing tension, and positively affecting the body’s hormones, both reducing the bad’s secretion and increasing the good. To strengthen a relationship, the practise of being present with your partner, and learning a new way of communicating is helpful. Every time we finish a class we’ve witnessed couples leaving a class touch more and gazing more into each other’s eyes. When we give and receive without expectation with our partner, it will allow us a safe emotional space, and will deepen our comfort and connexion levels.

ALWAY! If you are looking for a way to enhance your relationship with your partner, reduce stress in your life and improve your health, the benefits of Couples Massage Therapy are likely to produce more than you initially thought possible.