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Some Basic Marijuana and Cannabis Facts

Marijuana has no clear drug classification, but the DEA classifies it as a Schedule 1 narcotic. This means it has a high potential for misuse and no approved medical use. Several states (15 now, including Arizona) disagree with this and have passed legislation making marijuana for medicinal use legal.
Low-grade marijuana, which is commonly sold recreationally, contains 1 to 3 percent delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is commonly recognised as marijuana’s most potent psychoactive ingredient. THC levels in high-grade marijuana, known as sinsemilla, range from 7 to 8%, while hashish ranges from 7 to 20%. Hash oil is the most concentrated type of marijuana, with up to 70% THC content! Checkout Cannasseur Pueblo West for more info.

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What one thinks: The experience of smoking marijuana varies greatly from person to person. Relaxation and mood elevation typically occur within minutes, followed by sedation and drowsiness about a half hour later. Hilarity is often interspersed with periods of contemplative silence.
The consequences of consuming weed, whether high-grade or hashish, take much longer to manifest. There is a greater chance of experiencing hallucinations.
Also after the other side effects have worn off, learning and memory function may be impaired for a long time. Since marijuana (and its metabolites) take a long time to leave the brain, cognitive function may be impaired for up to a day after smoking or ingesting a single dose.

Marijuana overdoses have not been confirmed to be fatal. A large dose can make a person feel fearful or anxious. Even though there hasn’t been any evidence of an overdose, it does impair judgement and complex coordination. As a result, the most serious problem with marijuana is impaired driving abilities, which can lead to injuries and/or risky errors in judgement.
Marijuana raises heart rate and puts the heart under more strain. As a result, there may be interactions with heart or blood pressure drugs, but further research is needed to determine the details. One study found that combining marijuana with cocaine would result in fatal heart attacks.

Many of marijuana’s psychoactive effects are attributed to the cannabis plant. Internal organs of an Egyptian mummy from 950 BC were found to contain tetra-hydro-cannabinol (THC). Marijuana was commonly used to stimulate imagination by artists and intellectuals in France by the 1840s.
Hemp was brought to America by the first European explorers for the purpose of making rope and fabric. Marijuana did not have a direct influence on American society until the early twentieth century.

Marijuana’s Neurological Consequences

Quitting smoking marijuana is good for your mental health.
If you smoke marijuana, quitting is beneficial to your mental health. When it comes to smoking, particularly cigarettes, we’re more concerned with recognising the physical risks, but when it comes to marijuana, the psychological dangers are even more dangerous. To emphasise the value of stopping smoking marijuana, let’s take a quick look at what marijuana is, what it does, and how it can affect your mental health. Have a look at The Dispensary NV Recreational Marijuana Las Vegas – Decatur – dispensaries for more info on this.

What exactly is marijuana?
Cannabis, also known as cannabis sativa or cannabis indica, is a nettle-like herb. Farmers and drug traffickers grow it in the wild, as well as cultivate it. Marijuana is used for a variety of purposes, including rope and textile production, medicine, and, of course, recreational usage. Both resin and dried plant types of marijuana can be smoked for recreational purposes; marijuana resin is widely referred to as hashish.

What impact does marijuana have on your mental health?
THC is the active ingredient in marijuana, and you can start to experience its effects on your body within ten minutes of smoking it because it is absorbed into your bloodstream. These are some of the effects:

Fear Panic  Appetite stimulation a high heart rate Slow response time/time perception

Marijuana is psychologically addictive; it develops into a heavy habit that is difficult to break, similar to cigarette smoking. It’s difficult to stop smoking marijuana because people become mentally reliant on the altered state created by THC. Smoking marijuana can cause anxiety, depression, and the inability to act normally in social situations. It wreaks havoc on short-term memory, making the work or studies more difficult. Many people believe marijuana isn’t addictive and studies on whether it’s biologically addictive have come up short. Psychological addiction, on the other hand, is much more difficult to overcome because patterns can become deeply embedded in our minds, making us feel as if we can’t survive without them.

Quitting smoking marijuana is a good idea because it serves as a diversion from reality, and altered mental states can make it difficult to form interpersonal relationships or fulfil personal obligations. Smoking is a habit, whether it is weed or cigarettes, and stopping is something that only you have power over. You decide whether or not you use the drugs, not the other way around. Maintaining mental fitness is a vital aspect of life, and if you want to achieve optimum mental health, avoiding marijuana is a successful first step.

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Supporters of medical marijuana are filing suit against a campus shut down this Friday at the University of Colorado Boulder. CU Boulder has suggested that it does not want to interrupt the annual marijuana smoke out on campus and that in recent years about 10,000 individuals have gathered at Norlin Quad to light up on 4/20. Denver attorney Rob Corry, who is known for fighting cannabis or medical marijuana related cases, represents the marijuana activists. Cory defended more felony prosecutions of medical marijuana than any other Colorado attorney and has engaged in the ‘Great Marijuana Debate’ of the Huffington Post.

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