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Landscape design is now an established art and profession, practiced by many landscape architects, integrating architecture and botany, with a focus on landscape, the arrangement of visible structures and features in a landscape. In modern practice, landscape design blends the practical with the aesthetic in terms of design. A successful landscape designer has a sense of harmony between structure and landscape, appreciation of natural forms, and appreciation of form and function.Do you want to learn more? Visit Landscape Design Rochester MN

The concepts of landscape design are determined by the relationships among different structures such as house, yard, garden, pool, stairs, retaining walls, rock, flower bed, tree, water falls, etc. The landscape design must take into account these concepts to create a unique outdoor space that enhances the aesthetic qualities of the property and complements the home or business location. Landscape architecture, which refers to the architectural arrangements of buildings and features in a landscape, is an important factor in landscape design. It is the combined layout of a building, outdoor facilities, and planting that creates the basis of a landscape. Landscape architecture may include everything from trees and plants to lighting, furnishings, driveway, pool, steps, rockery, gazebo, etc.

The design of a home or office is often a collaborative effort between the home owner and landscape architects to determine what materials, dimensions, shapes, styles, etc., will best compliment the existing structure, and/or enhance the existing built environment. Landscape designing encompasses many aspects of landscaping, including: selecting the plants and trees that will be used and the type of shrubs, grasses, and flowers chosen to complement the existing landscape and design of the home or business. Landscape architecture also includes designing outdoor lighting fixtures and associated outdoor lighting control systems, constructing a water feature, constructing or arranging seating and tables, selecting the size and shape of ponds, fountains, waterfalls, lakes, pools, and outdoor lighting fixtures, etc. The ultimate aim of landscape architects is to create a controlled and sustainable built environment, which enhances the beauty of the land and the aesthetics of the surrounding area.

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