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Hiring Rock Hill HVAC Contractor

It is possible to become an HVAC contractor without holding a professional HVAC contractor permit. There are no state regulations, and HVAC contractor licensing requirements can include standard business rules, which you must investigate separately. However, if you want to build an air conditioning or heating unit on your own property and you don’t plan to sell it, there is no reason not to get the permit. You’ll need to pay application and licensing fees, but the costs are minimal compared with the potential savings you can reap by putting in a new system. Our website provides info about Rock Hill HVAC Contractor.

HVAC contractors are licensed through a variety of different bodies, including the Professional HVAC Contractor (PHC) organization, the Air Conditioning and Heating Contractors Association of America (ACHCA) and the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA). The International Indoor Air Quality Commission (IIAQC) also sets licensing standards. Although each of these organizations has differing requirements for becoming a contractor, they all have similar qualifications that HVAC contractors must meet before being considered for licensing. PHC and ACHCA standards require HVAC contractors to be licensed in at least one of the three categories of states – plumbing, heating or cooling systems or electrical, duct cleaning or insulation. To set up your own business, you must meet licensing requirements for either one of these categories, as well as other states’ requirements for working as a contractor.

HVAC contractors that want to build their own businesses, however, are usually better served by hiring a service provider. Service providers typically have less experience, but they are also more likely to have contracts and ongoing maintenance with local HVAC contractors, saving you time from having to find and contract with a contractor on your own. You also won’t have to pay licensing fees or insurance, which can run up your costs significantly. Finally, service providers can offer more personalized customer service, allowing you to get your work done faster. As you can see, there are strong advantages to hiring a service provider instead of a contractor, whether you’re a new HVAC company or an established business that needs to grow and hire additional employees.