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Choosing a Good General Contractor

The most important move in starting to build your dream home or simply remodelling your current home is to find a good general contractor. The general contractor’s expertise, experience, and integrity will all play a key role in the successful completion of your renovation project. Have a look at Catenacci Construction LLC for more info on this.
How do you go about finding a reputable and trustworthy contractor? There are a few choices that can assist you in selecting the best contractor for your project:
1. Seek advice from your acquaintances, family, and neighbours.
If you meet someone who has been through the process of remodelling or constructing a new home, they will gladly assist you in selecting the right contractor.
2. Seek advice from a nearby building supply shop.
Almost certainly, you’ll come across a table with business cards from local contractors. You may also speak with the store clerk and request a recommendation.
3. Conduct an internet search.
There are websites that can assist you in finding a licenced contractor. You may look for a general contractor in your area by entering your state, zip code, or district.
Create a list of at least 5-6 general contractors and pre-qualify them by contacting them and asking a few questions. Verify that all candidates are certified and covered by worker’s compensation, property damage, and personal liability insurance.
Schedule a meeting with 2-3 contractors after you’ve screened your prospective contractors and ask them to bring evidence of their documentation:
Licensing as a general contractor, as well as work comp and liability insurance, are all needed. o Find out whether the contractor belongs to a local builder group or the Better Business Bureau. o Request references from the contractor’s past jobs, as well as photos of his work portfolio.