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Full Tilt Auto Body And Collision

Full Tilt Auto Body And Collision-Best Auto Body Shop

Since the first automobile was invented centuries ago, the development of a vehicle has been dramatic. The car body from previous vehicles did not have much of a second chance. If the unexpected occurred and caused harm, technicians in car body shops may have been able to fix it up, but nothing compares to the replacements that are now available thanks to the high-tech technology that is used on a regular basis.Learn more by visiting Full Tilt Auto Body & Collision

a can of paint

Most citizens are capable of spotting a decent paint job. Having paint job fixed used to be a nightmare. You’d head into a repair shop and argue with the mechanic about which colour was the nearest to the car’s, understanding that if someone paid attention to your car, the patchy paint job would be exposed.

Speed forward to 2014, and technology will also identify the precise paint colour code of the existing coat of paint, enabling mechanics to adjust the colour perfectly to ensure that the car body looks brand new.

The carbon footprint of painting an automobile body has also been minimised thanks to technological advancements. Lead was a common component in paints, and it is harmful to both human and environmental health. The modern water-based paint has greatly changed this condition, meaning that car body shops are contributing to environmental protection.

Computers are used in many different ways.

Mechanics have long been recognised for their keen vision, and although this hasn’t changed, technology now aids them. Every time, technology is able to get the measurements to be 100 percent accurate. Although there was some reluctance to welcome technology at first, all auto body shops have now recognised that machines are the way of the future, and that if they are not used, the shop might as well throw in the towel.

The method of welding

Welding is something that any car body shot mechanic from Calgary to Timbuktu is familiar with.

The tools used to weld parts in place are critical; a weak point in welding can be fatal. As a result of studies into spot welds, experts have found that the sheets used for the welds are now thinner and heavier than those used ten years earlier. To have the right solutions, researchers aim for the best balance to optimise cross-tension strength versus tensile strength. Another advantage of using lighter materials in the welding process is that it is better for the atmosphere.

Repairing Small Dents

Every day, car body shops deal with paintless dent repairs. This is one field of high-tech body shops where technology hasn’t totally revolutionised the industry. With a little know-how, elbow grease was all that was needed at first. Today, the work is always done by hand, but a few specialised instruments are used to get the best results.

Innovation is accelerating at a breakneck speed. Every day, people are finding new ways to do it. Any of these advances have modified the way car body shops work.