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Maintaining Your Food Truck in the Winter

During this part of the year, half the country experiences freezing cold, inclement weather. This is particularly relevant for companies that are partly or completely dependent on weather conditions for sales. And even though these firms may find ways to keep profits up as they withstand the cold, the operating facilities that spend long periods of time outdoors must still be preserved.Learn more by visiting Grand Rapids Catering

No exception to this law are food trucks. As with vehicles, truck owners are continually struggling to start the engine in cold weather. While you and other owners of catering trucks should try to ready your trucks before the beginning of the winter season, if you have not, before the season is over, there are still simple ways to do maintenance jobs and safety controls that are unique to chilled air and winter driving. To ensure that your mobile food stand makes it through the rest of the season, here are a few steps:

Make sure you’re up to date with your routine maintenance. You will help ensure that you don’t face unnecessary repairs if you do this during the winter season.

Look at the antifreeze you have. Make sure that your truck has a maximum level of 50/50 mix of water and antifreeze during the season to help protect your food vehicle. You can have this tested at a service station or test the required instrument yourself.

Get your tires tested. Winter on your tires isn’t an easy season. These are the most significant features on an icy highway between you and the guard rails. The National Highway Transportation Safety Board states that to be safe, you need at least 2/32 ” deep. Additionally, check your tire pressure to make sure you’re all filled up – in the cold, tires begin to lose pressure.

Inspect and repair your wipers. While you and the crew of your food trailer are constantly using them to clear dirt, ice, snow and hail from the windshield, your wipers are much more vulnerable to damage. When you’re driving, you rely on your wipers to eliminate anything from your vision that lies on the outside, so it’s crucial to make sure they can do their job.

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