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Dental Care for the Medical Tourist

Dental treatment, you ask? Why would I want to fly overseas to obtain dental treatment around the world? Well, medical tourism sounds like a perfect solution when you consider the increasingly rising costs of dental care and the fact that dental procedures are frequently not covered by medical insurance.

Case in point: recently, my own father suffered from a toothache during a visit to the U.S. Knowing that any dental treatments would not cover either private insurance or Medicare, he made an appointment with his family dentist to see what could be done. Dean Street Dental

The dentist decided that he wanted a root canal or, worst case scenario, an extraction, but that since the infection was too close to a nerve, he would not be able to perform the operation. There will be a need to find a dental surgeon.

My father met with the dental surgeon recommended by his dentist over the next several days, as well as with many others. For the extraction, they quoted a minimum cost of $850, more if a root canal procedure was chosen instead. None of the dental surgeons he met would even accept a reimbursement package that we agreed would not be covered by private insurance or Medicare to pay for the operation. They requested an initial charge. What a dilemma for a fixed income person!

Shocked by the astronomical prices quoted, my husband proposed that we fly my father back with us to Asia and allow him to obtain the dental care he needed at a fraction of the cost, while enjoying a pleasant visit to our home with our family. He realized that if he received treatment in our part of the world, the expenditures would only be a fraction of those quoted. To the rescue, medical tourism!

No wonder more and more people turn to medical tourism for their needs in the field of dental care! Medical tourism has solutions to many problems related to dental treatment.

Next, there is a considerably lower cost of treatments. Look at these comparisons: from $350 upwards, a tooth extraction in the US can cost anywhere, but it can cost as little as $30 in Thailand!

Tips to Have Affordable Dental Care

Statistics suggest that 28 % of children and 30% of adults have raw cavities that are not being treated. This condition arises because dental costs are nowadays not manageable. The article provides you with several tips to help reduce the cost of dental checkups and thereby make them affordable. official site
The best way to reduce the cost of a dental checkup is to skip the first component of the dental problem. All you need to do is brush your teeth daily. The root cause of all dental problems is inability to perform this simple task properly. Brushing your teeth alone, however, will not fix the problem. Three or four times a day, once after waking up and once after every meal, thorough brushing should be done. Proper flossing is another means of avoiding dental trouble. This guarantees absolute security from infection. The person should also change his brush every two or three months as damaged bristles will not properly clean the teeth gaps. To get clean teeth, a proper tooth paste that fits the goal should be used.
Personal treatment, which decreases the number of visits to the dental clinic, is most important for good dental care. On a daily basis, chewing raw vegetables helps clean one’s teeth. It also cleanses the body because the vegetables are high in fibre content. It thus doubles the purpose.
In addition to this, in the local hospitals, a routine checkup should be performed. By taking private dental treatment, we should minimise visits to clinics, but we should not stop going to it. It is not only essential for children, but for adults as well.
It’s very easy to find a nearby dental clinic that offers quality dental care by inquiring about neighbours, colleagues , friends, etc. It will be hard for you to find one if you move to a new place. In such cases, you should look for dental clinics on the internet that provide affordable dental care and choose the optimum one. Entering the zip code of a specific region will get you all the dental clinics with their procedural rates located there. Also, it will also mention the dental insurance plans provided by them. You may then choose a package that encompasses all of your treatment and invest it in a limited manner accordingly.