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Chipped Tooth – What Your Dentist Can Do

Your teeth can still be affected, even though you strictly follow the best oral hygiene practices. A chipped tooth is among the most common damage that can occur to your teeth. It’s good that cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry now has many ways to tackle this problem. In the event your tooth is chipped, the following is a guise on what your dentist should do for you. temporary chipped tooth repair at home offers excellent info on this.

Depending on how severe the damage is, care will vary, but one of the very first things the dentist can do is to determine the chip’s cause and take x-rays of your teeth. If the x-rays show no signs of damage to the root, and if you don’t experience any discomfort as a result of the injury, it is easier to patch the tooth. In this scenario, the dentist can also prescribe no care at all. However, in most situations, to remove jagged edges and give the tooth a smooth and natural appearance, dentists treat small chips with veneers.

You may need a crown if the damage is relatively great and if you experience pain in the chipped tooth. This is a tooth cap that provides your damaged tooth with protection and also gives it a better look. Filling them is another way of handling poor chips. The procedure is identical to that carried out on cavity-damaged teeth, and the filling may be made to match the appearance of the teeth.

If the x-ray findings reveal damage to the root of the tooth, it may no longer be advisable to fix it. Your dentist may require the damaged tooth to be extracted and replaced afterward. Similarly, if a current crown, filling, or veneer occurs with the chip, then you can have it replaced. What is crucial is that if you suffer from a chipped tooth, you immediately see your dentist, especially if you feel pain due to the damage. Within an hour of the accident, it would be better if you could get to the dentist and carry any part of the tooth you might find.