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Best Hearing Aid Style

Know Your Best Hearing Aid Style Before You Buy One

There are many hearing aid styles, and modern styles of aid differ greatly, as do costs. We will explain all the basic types for you in this post, and this should mean that you will be able to pick the one for you when you talk to the salesperson or representative of the hearing aid business.Learn more about us at AVA Hearing Center-Grand Rapids Hearing Aid Repair

Up until recently, there were 4 basic types of hearing aids, but now we believe there are five. There are variations in the basic types, but the following are classified quite easily:—

Hearing Aids Behind the Ear (BTE)

Hearing Assistance for Full Shell

Half Shell Aid for Hearing

Hearing Assistance from the Canal


Now, beginning with the cheapest and largest and finishing with the smallest and most costly, we will define them all one by one.

Hearing Aids Behind the Ear (BTE) – also known as Postaural

After the original battery hearing aids, these instruments were the first type created that needed a bulky battery and amplifier unit, which was placed in a pocket. They are the largest form of aid widely available and they have the benefit of being ideal for people with all forms of moderate to serious hearing loss.

In recent years, the goal of technological growth has been to decrease size, while improving clarity and volume.

BTE helps are the aid type most often offered by health authorities around the world with a free problem or subsidy.

Hearing Helps Full Shell or ‘Concha’

These aids fill the ear to a large degree, and need no straps behind the ear. This makes them less noticeable when playing sports, and less in the way.

This type of aid is ideal for most forms of hearing impairment, however the quantity of volume the instrument can provide is smaller than for the larger behind the ear type due to the reduced size of the hearing aid.

This is both the largest and most economical in-the-ear hearing aid type, but it is still less cumbersome and comfortable than most of the ear aids behind it.