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An Easy Technique for Affordable Bail Bond Company

When he or she can afford the requested bail, amount set by the court, a court will sometimes release a defendant from prison. However, many defendants are unable to afford this amount, so the family of the defendant contacts an agent for bail bonds to assist with the payment. The family generally pays a premium of the total bail amount and/or signs over a lien on personal property if the agent chooses to render services on the defendant’s behalf. Therefore, if you consider becoming a bail bondman in the field of criminal justice, there are few roles and responsibilities that you will have to perform. I am discussing those roles and responsibilities in this article.You may want to check out bail bonds near me for more.

The primary duty of the bail bond agent is to guarantee full payment to the court of the defendant’s bond if the defendant fails to appear for court appearances and/or trial. Since the agent can lose a lot of money if the defendant does not appear before the court, he or she usually requires the family of the defendant to pay 10% of the total amount of the bail, plus sign a lien on personal belongings. There may be an additional service fee in addition to the 10 per cent premium (which can be several hundred dollars).

For example, if the court places bail at $5,000, the defendant pays $500 to the agent (10 percent of the total bail amount). And if the defendant appears in court on the scheduled court date, there is nothing paid by the agent to the court.

The bail bond agent checks the background and criminal record of the defendant to determine whether he or she is at risk of not showing up for court dates. Most bail agents have very strict regulations and they will not provide everyone with a financial guarantee.


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