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Then, once the bail agent is notified, the agents start collecting as much information as they can to determine if it is a case, they are willing to take or not. They will ask for verification of employment, contact information, the charges under which they are arrested, criminal history, and more. Next, if the bail bond agent is prepared to accept the case, the family member, lawyer, or friend will review and sign a few documents. A Bail Indemnity Agreement is the first document, the next one is the Bail Bond Application Form, and there will also be a signed proof of purchase like a receipt. A bail agent will be sent out to the prison to speak with the arrestee in person for individuals who have been arrested and are trying to bail themselves out of jail. The same process would take place, but instead of at the bail office, at the prison. They can even deliver their services to the prison via fax and email. It only takes a couple of hours or so to get the defendant released once all this information is gathered and the documents are signed. The agent just needs to start “posting” the jail bail bond.Our website provides info about Bail Bonds Company.

Some jails are stubborn and will take time to respond, which can take more time, but they are cooperative in most cases. The defendant is released and free to go anywhere after this is done, but they are expected to show up to their prospective scheduled court date by bail agreement. The bail agency will send a bounty hunter if they do not show up for this court hearing, and a warrant for their arrest will be re-released. Then, but with worse consequences, they will have to start the whole ordeal again. Don’t hesitate to contact a professional in your area if you need more information about the bail bond process, bail agents, or court systems.