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Tips For Taking Notes During A Spirits Tasting

For Halloween themed events in your home, museum teachers can organize a spirits tasting for your students. The tasting can cover many spirits from the age of spirits to research material and can even provide hands-on instruction on how to make cocktails using spirits. If you have never organized a spirits tasting event, it can be a fun activity for your students to learn about the different kinds of spirits and their characteristics. They can learn about distillation, maturation, and aging as well as the process of creating new drinks.Find additional information at Albany spirits tasting.

Museum educators can guide an attentive group through a brief lesson on the history of prohibition. Learn how the spirits were created, what taste profiles are characteristic of each, and take away some tasting ideas to impress your own friends the next time you’re at the bar. When taking notes during a spirits tasting, it’s best to keep a pen and paper on hand, so that other participants don’t get confused about what they’re tasting. Some people write notes down while others simply look at their watches.

You can get some great ideas for the glasses and other accessories you’ll need for your spirits tasting. You may want to purchase a small scale distilled spirits tank, or you can use clear glassware for the tasting, so that all the aromas are reflected in the glassware. Many people feel more comfortable pouring their spirits into tall glass bottles, and you may even choose to do this if you have the space available. If your budget is limited, simply making use of clear glasses or plastic cups will allow you to taste all the different kinds of distilled spirits, without worrying about them being mixed.

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