MiniTattoos, Big Appeal

For a number of purposes, small tattoos can be very attractive. They’re a great way for first-timers to learn about tattooing; they’re great for concealing an unsightly blemish or scar; they can typically be done in under an hour; and, since they’re easily disguised, they’re suitable for anti-tattoo employers. Small tattoos offer an outlet for those with a defiant streak to express themselves. Many professional women have tiny tattoos on the smalls of their backs that are only visible while they are out enjoying the nightlife. Others have tiny tattoos on their wrists that are covered during the day by a watch or bracelet. Learn more by visiting MiniTattoos

Small tattoos are perfect for women who want to feel like they can walk on the wild side without getting lost; men can also choose small tattoos that allow them to be weekend warriors when confined to suits and ties for hours at a time in their offices.

However, if you’re considering a small tattoo, you’ll need to give it the same amount of consideration as a big one. The first step is to get a ruler to measure the differences between a one-inch, two-inch, and three-inch tattoo. Although none of them seem to be very large, you can get a clear sense of how much larger a three-inch tattoo is than a one-inch tattoo by drawing circles with certain diameters.

Before you can decide where to put your tiny tattoo, you need to know what size you want it to be. Small tattoos can look larger or smaller depending on where they are placed; a two-inch tattoo that is unobtrusive on a shoulder blade can be very visible on an ankle.

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