Relentless Collision Consoles

There’s nothing more disconcerting than getting into an accident, arranging to have your car repaired and then getting it back, only to find that the collision repair shop has done it improperly. Aside from having had to deal with readjusting your schedule to accommodate the temporary loss of the car’s use, needing to bring the car back to the shop for a back job is plain disappointing. I strongly suggest you to visit Relentless Collision – Raleigh Collision Repairto learn more about this.

There are many disputes that may arise from a sub-standard auto body repair job. They can range from improper repairs to actions that result in breach of contract suits. Improper repairs by a collision repair shop include misaligned doors, paint spray that has not been cleaned off, color mismatches, rattling doors, hoods or trunks and improper sealing, resulting in water leaks or wind noise at speed. Or if a customer expected a part replacement but encountered instead a repaired part, then that can also be classified as a poor repair job. It can even be a case of fraud it the billing was for a new part instead of a repaired component.

The hassle of claiming for damages or improper repair can be limited by choosing a reputable collision repair shop in the first place. Asking around before you even call or talk to an auto body repair shop will already give you an idea if a certain facility is up to industry standards. Friends, co-workers and relatives will be able to tell you if a certain shop is good or bad. Another indicator of quality service is if the shop has taken the trouble of certifying itself or its technicians from nationally-recognized agencies. And don’t automatically put your trust in a franchise chain. Just like there can be variations in the taste and quality of products in a food chain, so can there be quality differences between shop locations. After all, the quality of a repair ultimately boils down to the technician who will be handling your car.

One should also check the limits of the vehicle insurance policy to see which repairs are covered by the insurance company. Always confirm the coverage of the repair before you contract with a collision repair shop. Your expectations of the repair may not be within the scope of the coverage in the first place. As for preferred shops by your insurance company, the repair work performed by the shop may not be to your satisfaction if the insurance company dictates how certain repair work must be done, as opposed to how a shop would ideally want it done. It’s worthwhile to ask, just in case.

Having settled on a collision repair shop, the repair order must detail the work to be done. The appraisal should also state whether the cost of repair is guaranteed not to go over the amount stated or if the shop can adjust the cost in case they discover hidden damage. A careful shop will ask for additional approval in cases like those. In the same vein, the warranty policy and coverage of the warranty should also be detailed and specific. If a car owner does find a disputable issue with a collision repair shop, he or she should first review the documents in hand before making a complaint to make sure that the complaint is within the owner’s rights. Then contact the repair shop as soon as possible, in days, not weeks or months.

Depending on the seriousness of the issue, the auto body repair shop may settle the dispute promptly. However, if the shop takes issue with your contentions, contact you insurer immediately. If your car was taken to a preferred shop, the shop has their relationship with the insurance company to consider, and this will help push them in the direction the customer wants. In all cases, it’s always better to avoid going to court to force an issue. Sometimes, the threat of a bad reputation or a letter from a lawyer is enough to arrive at a satisfactory conclusion.