Macclesfield Fire Risk Assessment

We can not know what can lie ahead of us, so we should make sure that we are equipped for every eventuality. Fire risk evaluations are a critical protection practice on any non-domestic facility, so you have a legal duty to insure that a qualified risk assessor performs an up-to – date fire risk evaluation. Macclesfield Fire Risk Assessment is an excellent resource for this.

The new fire safety legislation introduced in 2006 states the need for risk assessors to undertake a full evaluation of each building used for employees, customers or members of the public-it also applies to landlords who rent multiple-occupancy houses (HMOs). Fire risk assessments are designed to identify fire hazards and at-risk individuals, assess those risks and produce a findings report.

There is also a responsibility to review the risk assessment on a regular basis and make revisions to circumstance changes or new potential hazards-as with the original assessment, fully trained risk assessors should be used.

Having a proper fire risk assessment doesn’t just mean you ‘re abiding by the law and keeping people (including yourself) safe-your risk assessor will help you manage your premises to the safest standards, which in turn can help you get a better deal on your business insurance. And in the case of an imminent explosion, a comprehensive risk evaluation can provide you with more efficient prevention and rescue procedures, which can reduce the likelihood of serious injuries and death. Workplace fires cost British companies millions of pounds each year-make sure yours isn’t one of them.

While legislation states that there must be at least one ‘responsible person’ responsible for assessing and maintaining fire safety equipment at your premises, employing a professional assessor’s services at least annually will put you in the best position to ensure compliance and minimize the risk.

A professional fire risk assessor will work with the nominated ‘responsible person’ to perform comprehensive health inspections on all of your fire safety equipment, including alarms, extinguishers, escape routes and emergency lighting. Any non-compliance issues reported by assessors will be reviewed with you in depth, and they will inform you about the appropriate actions you need to take to rectify them. The risk appraisal report they give as a part of their inspection should be sent to the insurance provider to prove that the property has been assessed and that you are meeting the legal obligations.