Know About Float Spa Therapy

The Float Spa is a unique form of massage therapy designed to release muscle tension and relax the body. An isolation chamber, usually referred to as an isolation tank is typically a dark, light-tight, sound-proof room heated to the same level as your skin. Often, float spas are advertised as a type of alternative medical treatment, however, beneficial physical effects are not proven. One study in 2020 claimed that there were no significant differences between people who took part in float spa treatments versus a placebo group who also received massage and relaxation. Checkout Saratoga Springs Float Spa.

Float spas are typically used by those with chronic pain from osteoarthritis or back injuries, as well as those recovering from surgery or any other medical procedure. Float spas can also be used on their own for a variety of therapeutic benefits. However, before you schedule a session, it’s a good idea to research float spa therapy to see what it can do for your body and its condition.

Float spas are extremely safe to use on a person and don’t have any side effects. However, it’s always recommended that you consult with your doctor before starting a float spa treatment. Float spas should always be performed under the supervision of an experienced acupuncturist. If done incorrectly, a float spa can cause discomfort, pain, and damage to nerves in the spinal cord.