Gilbert Dental Implants – A Simple Guide

A dental implant is a surgically implanted composite part that interfaces directly with the jaw’s bone or skull to serve as an Orthodontic anchoring, supporting, or denture. When considering a tooth replacement or dental implants, it is important to understand that there are both conservative and invasive techniques available in today’s modern dental medicine. Implants can be used for cosmetic and functional purposes and come in a variety of sizes, materials and contouring options.
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Before the invention of Dental Implants, patients seeking to achieve a cosmetic improvement had to rely on bridges, dentures, crowns and other traditional appliances such as dentures and bridges which were previously used to successfully perform rudimentary and low cost dental care. However, with the advent of new dental technologies and innovative surgical techniques, there is now no need to endure the discomfort, hygiene, pain and replacement of traditional dental parts. With the introduction of Dental Implants, the possibility of replacing missing teeth is now a realistic medical procedure with benefits that far outweigh the cons. When used for the correct purpose and in the right setting, dental implants have provided amazing results for patients suffering from missing teeth.
Dental Implants represent an exciting advance in oral health care and represent a significant advancement in tooth replacement technology. Implants offer a permanent tooth replacement, which bridges the gap between missing teeth and restores bite, appearance, function and self-confidence. Unlike tooth implants, tooth bridges, dentures, crowns and other appliances are all viable options when considering dental procedures and are considered by most physicians to be an acceptable and practical alternative to tooth replacement. When considered for the right patient, dental Implants represent a viable option that can provide improved function, self confidence and a restored bite.