Facts about The Benefits of Rehab After A Spine Injury

A bundle of nerves that runs along the spine is the spinal cord. Between the body and the brain, those nerves send impulses back and forth. The ability to move and experience sensations is impaired when they are damaged. The injuries to the spinal cord are classified as complete or incomplete. If you wish to learn more about this, visit San Antonio chiropractors.

Complete injury to the spinal cord refers either to quadriplegia in which the arms or legs have no sensation or function; or to paraplegia in which the legs remain paralysed while the arms remain mobile. Injuries to the disc. The discs are the soft, cushiony material between the vertebrae that makes it possible to flex the back. When these discs become compressed, the result is back pain and movement impairment. For instance, a car accident can cause one or more discs to move out of their proper location. This is often referred to as a “slipped disc” and can be difficult to treat, even though it is not serious. Obviously, back injuries to soft tissue will result in smaller settlements than injuries to the spine that result in paralysis. In addition to the wheelchair, medical care, and ongoing rehabilitation, there are many expenses if someone has to live in a wheelchair for the rest of their life. Those expenses are only the tip of the iceberg. Such an individual may also require a caretaker, special toilets, wheelchair accessible home modification, and indoor bathing equipment, going upstairs, and getting in a car. In order to transport the individual to and from the doctor and other locations, specialised van services may be necessary. Lost salaries are often part of the settlement as well. Although a paralysed individual may be able to work, he or she may very well not be able to continue in the same profession as before the accident. In order to calculate the amount of money that a permanently injured person will need for day-to-day costs and care, experts called “Life Care Planners” are often called upon.