Facts about Lakewood Massage Therapy

ALL age groups may be helped with chiropractic treatment. Even a single chiropractic change has resulted in remarkable changes in the quality of life of many patients under the correct conditions. There is an immense capacity for your body to regenerate and change until you are gone. Do not ever give up on improving your health! If your doctor still tells you, “You’ll just have to learn to live with it” he/she actually tells you that it’s time to find a new doctor, one that can help you maintain and improve your lifelong health and well-being. Our website provides info about Lakewood Massage Therapy.
Not only are chiropractic procedures, called spinal modifications, pleasant for most people, but they are also an enjoyable experience. All counselling is tailored to each individual’s level of comfort and the old “No Pain No Gain” approach is never used. Seeing children who are so little that they can’t even get up on the adjusting table by themselves, competing to be the FIRST one to change with their siblings, is heart-warming. Paediatricians will be green with envy to see how even the smallest children are delighted to be in the chiropractic office and how they love to get changed. Yeah, for chiropractic treatment it is unbelievably healthy! In order to scare you away from the most secure form of healthcare and back to medicine, the most dangerous form, our competition has grossly exaggerated the minuscule dangers of chiropractic treatment. There is a stronger chiropractic safety record than any medicine, including baby aspirin and Tylenol! The third leading cause of death in the United States has been medical care, right behind heart disease and cancer, killing hundreds of thousands of Americans every year. A fascinating fact is that you are more likely to be killed by being struck by lightning than by a vending machine, and a vending machine is more likely to be killed than by a fish, and more likely than a chiropractor to be killed by a shark!