Details on Optimize your Roofing Company’s GMB

Landing pages or “lead capture” pages allow you to capture email address that you can use to market your services and sign up new affiliates for your business. Nearly all companies use landing pages, which are also known as “squeeze” pages. These single web pages act a lot like traditional direct mail letters do in the offline world: they bait prospects with just enough information to make them want more, -Check This Out for more info.

In the online world, this “conversion” takes place when the viewer clicks on an advertisement, or otherwise interacts with the page (by, say, “clicking here” for more information). Landing pages are great for affiliate marketers because they are supposed to include sales copy. You don’t have to worry about isolating potential customers with a sales pitch, since that’s what landing pages are for.

To come up with an effective landing page, take the time to craft an excellent message for this aspect of your marketing campaign. Do a simple, online search to find out how other affiliate marketing companies are using landing pages.

Both of these landing pages include a fair amount of detail, and then whisk visitors off to the company’s home page for more information. They serve up just enough information to visitors interested, and then make them click through to the company’s website to learn more.

Use a similar approach with your own landing page. When you’re developing it, think about how you can use it to collect names and email addresses to market your business services to. Build relationships with the people on that list, and leverage those partnerships to build your MatchRate PLUS company.

Here are few things that your landing page must do:

-Grab the visitor’s attention: You want individuals who come to your landing page to be wowed by it. There’s too much clutter online already, so don’t add to it. Instead, come up with a compelling design and content that makes visitors want more.
-Sell your product or service: Tell visitors why they need your services, and the value that they’ll get from joining your affiliate network.
-Use a single outbound link: You want to direct people to a website where they can join your affiliate business, so stick to one outbound link that directs them exactly where you want them to go.
-Offer a free report or another hook to get people to opt into your list: Everyone loves freebies. Offering an article, report or other valuable piece of information will get visitors to click through to your website to get their prize.