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A successful Insurance Agency Social Media Marketing Strategy can begin simply enough by creating or leveraging quality content. Start with a relevant (to your target market) blog, quote, video, news release, client quote or knowledge nugget – then share it with your prospects and clients. For example, create a blog entry about Professional Liability Insurance for Engineers then Tweet it, Pin it (if it has a graphic), add it to Stumble Upon, Post it to Facebook, Post as a LinkedIn update, Share it with LinkedIn groups (start a discussion or add it as a comment), add it to Google+, etc. Remember to localize the content if you sell in just one area. One easy way to share your content is by using the Social Media Chiclets on at the bottom of your blog. Checkout Ieuter Insurance Group – Midland Auto Insurance.

Or, take advantage of integrated social media offered by one of the major providers. For example, use LinkedIn to automatically Tweet your LinkedIn posting. Post a YouTube (video, voice over PPT, recorded webinar, etc.), and share in the same way as noted above (with your blogs or other content). You can use simple Social Media automation solutions to improve efficiency. When possible, expand your blogs into ePublished articles on one of the major, reputable directories. Once published repeat the social media sharing process again, utilizing the expanded article.

Insurance Agency Social Media Basics:
-Original content: Make the content your own, relevant to your target marketing. If you provide a link to 3rd party content, comment on it so it is a unique posting.

-Target your audience: Invest in the networks favored by your prospects, customers and partners.

-Identify your objectives: Determine what you want to accomplish and build a relevant online image, leveraging your “insurance agency branding” across all social media networks.

-Monitor and Measure: Google analytics (or other analytics solution) should be monitored for traffic trends. If lead generation is your goal, you will need to track leads accurately and determine their value.

-Learn the major social media networks basics: Learn LinkedIn basics (and groups), Facebook (including your company page branding), expand your Twitter audience with hash tags, establish a YouTube channel for your agency, get your friends to Like & Follow you, etc.

-Leverage both quantity and quality: You’re not after a Pulitzer, a Nobel Prize in Literature or an Academy Award for Best Story. Be concise and accurate. Sacrifice some modicum of quality for consistent, relevant volume.

-Follow your associates/friends and have them follow you: Engage in a mutual following with as many of your partners, vendors, customers and as possible.

-Build your profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter: Build and refine your profiles, leverage your YouTube channel. Make sure your pages are engaging by including images, photos, logos and other appropriate graphics that will spice up your page.

-Watch for emerging Venues: Google+, Pinterest and other networks have become heavy hitters, your agency may also target narrower networks germane to your target industry.