Details About Staffing Agencies

Some employers turned to temporary employment agencies during the height of the recession because it was overall cheaper to hire someone to work for one or two weeks to help complete a project than it would have been to keep regular employees. Employers who used temps as extra help on a regular basis either reduced the amount of temps they used or stopped using them entirely because temps were a luxury they could no longer afford for them. You may want to check out Staffing Agency for more. More employers are returning to staffing agencies to help them meet their employment needs now that the economy is beginning to improve. But not all employers believe that “happy days again are here.”

The fact that more employers are using temps is a good sign since staffing agencies are considered the barometer by which the economy is controlled; however, according to Louis Uchitelle, in his article for the New York Times, Labor Data Show Surge in Hiring of Temp Workers, some employers are reluctant to permanently hire their temporary employees because they fear the economy may take a turn for t

Not only is the increased use of temps good for staffing agencies, it is also good for job seekers. While it would be ideal to find a permanent job, I know from personal experience that what starts out as a two-week task could easily be extended to last several months. I also know first-hand that temp assignments can lead to proficient, hard-working and flexible permanent , full-time employment for temps.

For college students who are having difficulty finding internships, temping also works well. Temp assignments for course credit can’t be used, but on resumes they certainly look good. A student who spends the summer tempting a company in the sector in which he  wants to work after graduation can be as beneficial as any internship in terms of providing networking contacts and practical work experience. There is no reason why a student can not network with regular staff and learn more about the business where he temps the same as he  would during a summer internship.