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The Effect Of A Structured Water Filter On The Aging Process

If you are looking for a home water filter, you may have come across the term “structured water filter” – whether casually or jokingly. What exactly is this type of system and how can it benefit you? Structured water filters can be described as a filter cartridge containing a filter structure such as a carbon media wall or a wick. The cartridge allows contaminants to pass through the filter media, while the wick – which is typically made of paper or plastic – provides a means of directing the liquid through the filter. Proponents of structured water generally feel that such claims on the relative benefits of the two systems are not supported by adequate scientific studies. Check Greenfield Water Solutions.

However, critics of structured water often point out that some of the scientific studies on the health and quality of drinking water that purport to show benefits from such filters are actually conducted on laboratory dishes. Thus, although they may have been able to measure certain levels of contaminants in the drinking fluid, they could not determine whether these levels were safe. Another problem with the studies that purport to show benefits from such systems is that in most cases, these tests are performed on completely fresh or even slightly used samples. It is difficult to imagine how anyone can accurately test the effects of aging drinking fluid on a person that has been regularly drinking the same contaminated fluid for years. Therefore, while such tests can be useful in determining whether a specific filter is beneficial in preventing certain contaminants from entering the body, they are not nearly as reliable as those that are specifically designed to address concerns about the general quality of drinking fluid.

There is no doubt that water is beneficial to the human body. In most cases, the recommended daily intake is one or fewer glasses, depending on individual needs. It is important, however, that the drinking fluid is consumed in its purest form and with the most suitable filtration system. A properly constructed structured water filter can help ensure that the human body gets just the benefits that it needs from the source. By doing so, the aging process can be slowed considerably and the human body can enjoy the healthy benefits of water as it enters the system.