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Customer Service or the Lack There Of

Who amongst us, thanks to a rude waiter, crappy food and poor service, has not had an uncomfortable dining experience? Customer service is characterised from the phone to the table by anticipating customer requests, and consumers are expecting more these days; primarily in the form of service, and as soon as the guest comes through the door, service begins. The old adage, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression” still holds true today , especially in the hospitality industry, and the lasting impression of the guest is equally significant. Learn more about Barrel.

“According to Shelly Dodson, Assistant General Manager of Mon Ami Gabi, a Lettuce Entertain You Restaurant,” Customer service is all about the guest and anticipating and meeting their needs. “Managers need to remind their workers that we are here to build a good guest experience. It’s an occurrence when people dine out. They want a fun, entertaining and enjoyable experience and it’s our responsibility to make sure that happens.”

It is not complicated to provide outstanding service, but it is a priority and every opportunity should be taken to ensure that the guest is happy if the company wants to succeed in a difficult, dynamic and competitive food service industry. Both management and workers are responsible for recognising the difference between good service and outstanding service. Most may provide decent service to anyone, but only the best can provide excellent service. Exceptional service predicts and exceeds the needs of the customer. It will have an edge over the competition by establishing a special and outstanding degree of unparalleled customer support. Competition is excellent, as long as the organisation can keep one step ahead of its rivals.

Annie Kang-Drachen, Director of Sales and Marketing at the Food & Beverage Management Department, UNLV William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration, said, “If we don’t take care of our clients, our competition will.” There is good and poor customer service and bad customer service results from lack of concern, indifference and inaptitude, which eventually contributes to loss of business and income. I agree that excellent customer service begins from the top; key staff leading by example and instilling confidence in any customer-contacting employee. Exceptional customer service is what we all are.

Although some businesses focus on raising revenue by adding new menu items, redecorating the venue, outfitting the employees in stylish uniforms, and sometimes providing regular specials, the little things that keep customers coming back are overlooked. It is important to pay attention to detail. The foundation of a successful company is customer service and the waiting staff are the lifeblood of that company. If service is sacrificed for the sale, that’s a catastrophe formula. If the service fails, it doesn’t matter how delicious the food is or how welcoming the environment is, so will the company.