A Fun Birthday Cake Idea

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How about baking a pair of round cakes? If you have them, use smaller cake pans. You can also make various cakes that are flavoured.

Now you’re ready to make a fun birthday cake after you’ve baked your cakes and put them in the freezer so they’re easier to ice.

Just get a big piece of cardboard. Using foil to protect it. Ice each of the cakes in a different colour now. You can start with white and add food colouring afterwards. Take each cake, and under each cake, add a triangle of icing. The fun part comes now.

Get some whip and cut long lengths of licorice. With these cakes, you’ll make a balloon bouquet. This is a nice idea for a simple cake. You will have a neat-looking bouquet that your child will love if you practise.

Take each cake and place a message on it. Happy birthday on the one hand, and age on the other. The name of someone else and maybe the stars or something funny about others. Here you can make use of your imagination. This is a nice idea for a birthday cake and you can tailor it for most birthdays.

With this concept, you can also create many cake flavours. To bring all of the strings together you can make a licorice bond. This makes a nice birthday cake and plenty of cake to go around if you have many people.

The idea of making cakes that look like balloons is something that most kids would enjoy. If with this same one, you want a different concept. Bake big cookies and use the same concept to decorate them.