A DUI Lawyer Can Help You Through The Legal Process

It is more than just a risky and dumb decision to drive drunk, buzzed or blitzed; it can also lead to the loss of time and money, and involve a DUI lawyer’s services. And since the outcome of this crime is so serious, all the legal measures taken to arrive at a conviction need to be clarified, beginning with how an intoxicated driver ends up in the legal system to begin with. Checkout Summit Defense Criminal Lawyer, San Jose DUI Attorney – San Jose DUI Lawyer.

Drivers that are pulled over for driving while intoxicated are normally pulled over for another traffic violation by the police, such as weaving, speeding, misdriving or failing to yield. Or they are involved in an automotive accident or the cause thereof.

Once a police officer has probable cause to pull a driver over, they will do an exam based on the driver’s appearance to do a field sobriety test. The scent of alcohol on the driver, blood shot eyes, slurred speech and other signs that the driver is driving impaired may be included in this measure. An officer has ample probable cause to warrant a field sobriety test at this stage.

The cost of a DUI may be significant. A conviction for a DUI crime also includes mandatory alcohol education courses, potential car confiscation and potential court ordered drug and alcohol treatment, in addition to prison time, losing a driver’s licence and mandatory monetary penalties.

Hiring a DUI lawyer could be your only chance of either being found innocent of the charges or getting a lighter sentence if you are arrested for this crime. And while prison time is mandatory upon conviction and your attorney may not be able to control an environment, your attorney can deal with other aspects of your sentence. The likelihood of obtaining a hardship licence to travel to and from work , for example, are all areas of the penalty element that an attorney can assist with and work to mitigate, such as monetary fines, the period of time your licence is suspended for.

The most critical first action you need to take is to contact a DUI lawyer immediately if you are arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, in order to secure your future civil and legal rights before it is too late.